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Taste Like THE Wine Critic: A Guide to Understanding Wine Quality by Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW

JCB No 76 Napa Valley Chardonnay 2016
Chateau Buena Vista Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

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Explore and perfect your palate with one of the foremost critics in the wine WORLD! Learn the tricks of the trade with expertise from Lisa Perrotti Brown, Editor in Chief at Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate, highly acclaimed Master of Wine, and the author of Taste Like a Wine Critic: A Guide to Understanding Wine Quality.

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The perfect pairing to your tasting journey starts here with two Napa Valley wines that will make your senses come alive!

JCB No 76 Napa Valley Chardonnay 2016
Opening with rich, fruit aromatics, notes of mandarin orange, Asian pear, honeydew, and a touch of nutmeg, this Napa Valley Chardonnay explodes out of the glass. On the palate, you are met with warm notes of crème brulée, baked spice, and hints of honeysuckle. This layered, integrated, and well-balanced wine is bright, yet creamy with a long finish.

Chateau Buena Vista Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
A dark ruby red in color, this Cabernet Sauvignon offers fragrant aromas of black currants and cranberries. Full-bodied and balanced with layered flavors of plum, blackberries, and cherries with notes of dark chocolate, oak, and a touch of spice. Juicy and round tannins lead to a succulent finish.

About the Book
Intended for wine drinkers and professionals of any experience level, “Taste like a Wine Critic” is a concise, straight-talking guide to understanding and assessing wine quality that avoids the ambiguous and often meaningless jargon stereotypically associated with describing wine. Focusing on the essentials, this book clearly identifies, defines and examines the factors in determining wine quality, explaining in plain terms how to recognize and evaluate the importance of each contribution – giving the reader the ability to take the wine critic’s seat. An experienced educator, wine critic and Master of Wine, Lisa Perrotti-Brown takes readers on a journey through the fundamental “mechanics” of wine quality and its suchness, offering wine lovers everywhere the ability to better understand, appreciate and communicate their wine discoveries.