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Last Chance Sale Amethyst Pearl Fly

Adorn yourself with JCB's private jewelry collection with the Amethyst Pearl Fly. These multifaceted pieces can be worn as a brooch or necklace.

Materials: 22K Rose Gold plated Brass. Ruby, Clear and Amethyst Crystals, and white glass Pearls.
Dimensions: 1.8 height x 1.66 width; 22K Rose Gold plated 18 chain with a 4

Amethyst Pearl Fly

The Story

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Quick and persistent, the fly perseveres through adversity and adapts to all environmental climates. Though many consider flies to be pests, the Egyptian culture recognized their tenacity and thought they were a symbol of bravery. The wings are purple Amethyst, a vibrant color known for its calming positive energy. Pearls symbolize wisdom, and were believed to bring protection along with good fortune.

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