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Close up of women drinking out of JCB wine glasses

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red satin texture
Bottle of perfume with a red band surrounded by gold

About JCB Jewelry Inspired by the Vines


Wine is emotion and incorporates all the skills of perfume.  I have been discovering the world through smell since birth.

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Blue Satin
Man sitting with two women all wearing JCB jewelry

About JCB jewelry Magnetic Forces


Our collection has a unique style.  Its purpose is to bring vitality, energy, dynamism, electricity, and magnetic forces to a centerpiece.

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red satin texture
Jean-Charles Boisset in a tuxedo with Baccarat glass and decanter of his own design

About JCB Passion Collection The one, the only, the ultimate.

JCB Passion Collection

Dreamed and designed by Jean-Charles Boisset, created by Baccarat.

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red satin texture
JCB's book, Alchemy of the Senses, in a red box, red cover, jewelry on the side

about jcb book A performance of limitless dimensions

The Alchemy of The Senses

Jean-Charles created The Alchemy of the Senses book as an experiential voyage through your dreams, your emotions, your senses, and your passions - all inspired by wine!

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