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Inspire Desire

Celebrating Time Transcending Terroir Embracing Style

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Bar-top table with green velvet chairs

Location Yountville

JCB Tasting Salon

JCB Yountville offers a one-of-a-kind tasting experience paired with a highly curated retail experience where the beguiling ambiance crafts new memories effortlessly, while the infectious joie de vivre of our Proprietor, Jean-Charles Boisset, intertwines seamlessly with our distinctive JCB approach.


a luxurious living room setting

Location St. Helena

St. Helena

JCB St. Helena is a groundbreaking and enigmatic space where each pour promises a journey into uncharted realms, unveiling a tapestry of flavors waiting to surprise and captivate your senses, as only Jean-Charles is able to do.


Gold velvet stools at a black bar, purple velvet drapery on the walls

Location San Francisco

The Ritz

At JCB San Francisco, located inside the Ritz-Carlton, guests are invited into a realm that feels like a meticulously curated jewelry box, a testament to Jean-Charles’ artistry and style.




Jean-Charles Boisset sitting at a table for two in a powder blue coat with gold trim

Jean-Charles Boisset

We live to inspire desire, ignite passion, and create stylish, coveted luxuries through sensorial, moments for connoisseurs the world over.



bust of medusa
hands on a bottle of wine
collection of wine bottles and perfume
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4 bottles and a glass of JCB wine on a bar
JCB Capsule
hands on a bottle of wine
gold satin texture

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The Finest Expression of Wine Character

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Two different sized bottles of JCB cognac in their boxes
Man in suit drinking dark liquor
fruit infused martini
Bottle of JCB gin laying on a table surrounded by wild flowers

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The ultimate expression of what Mother Earth has to offer. The subtle nuances of wine and terroir are the hallmarks of JCB Spirits.

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Red drape background
Bottle of perfume with a red band surrounded by gold


JCB Fragrance


Jean-Charles Boisset smelling some white wine wearing a white dress coat
Man sitting with two women all wearing JCB jewelry
Bottle of perfume with a red band surrounded by gold
collection of wine bottles and perfume
Black snake skin texture
Bare wine bottle with gold snake choker wrapped around it

Featured WineNapa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

The Charmer

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Creating JCB Lifestyle

JCB designed wine glass and decanter by baccarat

JCB Passion Collection by Baccarat

Embarking on a journey beyond the realms of wine and spirits, Jean-Charles Boisset unveils a captivating lifestyle vision. His creative prowess comes to life in his namesake collections of jewelry, perfume, and the globally revered Passion Collection in partnership with Baccarat – a historic collaboration marking the first-ever glassware line crafted with a vintner. But that's not all. The enchanting world of JCB extends to irresistible home accessories, embodying the essence of JCB hospitality and elevating the art of entertaining. Step into the allure of Jean-Charles's curated lifestyle offerings, where each piece tells a story and inspires you to dream and turn passions into reality.

bust of medusa
collection of wine bottles and perfume Surrealist painting women with rose heads and a long legged elephant carrying a glass of wine

Experience the World of Wine with Jean-Charles Boisset

JCB Live

Inspired by Wine, the catalyst for all great conversation, together we explore art, design, fashion, architecture, history, nature, food, great chefs, and the finest things in life, which are the essence of luxury and the fuel for our passion!

JCB Live

Featured Video

November 9, 2022

Importance of Sustainability

Guest: George Soleas, CEO LCBO