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bottle of jcb 2015 Malbec N° 68

Malbec 2015 N° 68 Rich • Dark • Juicy

For Jean-Charles Boisset, wine transports you to RICH new worlds and far off places. While DARK and enticing upon first glance, our N° 68 Malbec is JUICY and satisfying, a true journey for the senses.

Experience N° 68 with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

A lavish, dark wine, this 2015 Malbec offers enticing aromas of plum, huckleberries, and warm spices. Flavors of black anise, dark chocolate, and marionberries dance on the palate with each sip. This rich wine has round, yet supple tannins and a long, silky lasting finish.

bottle of jcb 2015 Malbec N° 68

N° 68

The Story

jean charles boisset observing glasses of red wine

In 1868 a new grape from Old World France was brought across the treacherous seas to the New World in Argentina: Malbec. This foray into the New World brought about new chances for creative expression and passion to arise and be celebrated. In the same way, Jean-Charles ventured across the ocean to ignite his creative passions and to craft exquisite wines that unite the Old and New worlds.

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bottle of jcb 2015 Malbec N° 68

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