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bottle of jcb 2016 Premier Cru Champagne N° 44

Premier Cru Champagne 2016 N° 44 Lustrous • Fortuitous • Unrivaled

Experience N° 44 with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

A deep, golden yellow color in the bottle with a fine, sparkling perlage. A truly smooth and well-balanced Champagne, the nose is fresh and warm that reveals aromas of white fruits followed with subtle citrus notes. Silky texture with a lively edge, this wine shows its maturity with notes of brioche but plenty of intense freshness leaving a crisp, long-lasting finish.

bottle of jcb 2016 Premier Cru Champagne N° 44

Le Vin du Diable

The Story

jean charles boisset holding a glass of white wine

Prior to 1844 and the discovery of the wire cage used to keep the cork in place, Champagne was seen as the work of the devil himself -- nicknamed le vin du diable, or the "devils wine."

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