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bottle of 2019 Pinot Noir N° 11

Pinot Noir 2019 N° 11 Spontaneous • Graceful • Romantic

89 points


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N° 11 is always SPONTANEOUS. Harmonious and balanced, it is quite GRACEFUL. With a texture like a velvet jacket, luscious flavors, and a seductively long finish, N° 11 is ROMANTIC, reminiscent of an evening by a glowing fire.

Wooden open-top fermenters with hand punch-downs.  Aged in 100% French oak - 30% new - for 14 months.

Experience N° 11 with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

The JCB No 11 opens with a enticing bouquet of cherries, dried cranberries, and wood smoke. On the palate, this silky Pinot Noir reveals flavors of dark stewed fruit, fresh oak, strawberry, and earthiness balanced by its bright acidity. Lushly fruit forward and woodsy, this delicate yet concentrated pinot noir has a long-lasting and refined finish. The JCB No 11 is bold, yet light and graceful, showcasing a collaboration of old world and new world Pinot Noir.

bottle of 2019 Pinot Noir N° 11

N° 11

The Story

jean charles boisset observing glasses of red wine

For Jean-Charles, the age of 11 was a magical time in life, an age of endless possibilities and burgeoning dreams. Inevitably, the number 11 became the number behind the wine, one of his favorite Pinot Noirs, and a reminder of an enchanting time in life.

glasses of wine on top of a napkin
Accolades & Reviews
  1. 2022 Oct
    91 points

    James Suckling

    2019 N° 11

  2. 2021 Mar
    Double Gold medal

    Sakura, Japan Women's Wine Awards

    2016 N° 11

  3. 2016 Mar
    92 points

    Wine Advocate

    2013 N° 11

  4. 2015 Sep
    90 points

    Wine Enthusiast

    2012 N° 11

  5. 2015 Apr
    89 points


    2011 N° 11

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