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bottle of jcb 2019 Pinot Noir N° 7

Pinot Noir 2019 N° 7 Debonair • Charismatic • Seductive

90 points

Wine Spectator

All Accolades

The JCB N° 7 comes from cooler vineyard sites in the Olivet Bench, Sebastopol Hills, Petaluma Gap and Carneros.

Experience N° 7 with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

Bottled unfiltered, the wine presents as a dark burgundy color in your glass. On the nose, a bouquet of cloves and all spice, dried roses, and stewed cherries shines through. Upon tasting, complex flavors of dark plum, sun-dried cranberries, and slight oak layer upon each other to create a bold yet underlyingly bright tasting profile. These well-integrated flavors and tannins lead to its delicately balanced acidity and finish.

bottle of jcb 2019 Pinot Noir N° 7

N° 7

The Story

jean charles boisset observing glasses of red wine

This wine symbolizes the time when Jean-Charles, at the age of 7, snuck a few tastes of some older Burgundies that his parents were serving at a party. For Jean-Charles, the experience not only developed his palate, but the seed was planted for his lifetime's passion and work.

glasses of wine on top of a napkin
Accolades & Reviews
  1. 2022 Oct
    96 points

    The Wine Independent

    2019 N° 7

  2. 2018 Nov
    90 points

    Wine Enthusiast

    2015 N° 7

  3. 2017 May
    93 points

    James Suckling

    2014 N° 7

  4. 2017 Feb
    91 points

    Pinot File

    2013 N° 7

  5. 2015 May
    Universal Gold medal

    Riverside International Wine Competition

    2012 N° 7

  6. 2015 May
    Chairman's award

    Riverside International Wine Competition

    2012 N° 7

  7. 2014 Apr
    90 points

    Wine Enthusiast

    2011 N° 7

  8. 2013 Feb
    Double Gold medal

    American Fine Wine Competition

    2010 N° 7

  9. 2012 Apr
    90 points

    Wine Spectator

    2009 N° 7

bottle of 2019 Pinot Noir N° 7

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