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bottle of jcb 2020 Red Wine Snake

Red Wine 2020 Snake Sleek • Striking • Transcendent

96 points

The Wine Independent

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The 2020 Snake is impeccably polished with a long and invigorating finish that is both crisp and gratifying, leaving you with a feeling of pure satisfaction and a deep yearning for another glass.

Experience Snake with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

Unleashing an enticing bouquet of dark currant, crushed blackberries, and alluring spice, this full-bodied vintage is a masterpiece of complexity, showcasing flavors of sun-drenched earth, succulent raspberry, delicate violet, and a subtle hint of alluring sandalwood. 

bottle of jcb 2020 Red Wine Snake

A Striking Elixir

The Story

4 bottles of wine on a table

Stunningly SLEEK and smooth, with elaborate flavor patterns like the skin of a snake, this bottle's STRIKING elixir has fangs that will provoke the serpent within you charming its way into a TRANSCENDENT euphoria.

scales of a snake jean charles boisset staring at glasses of wine a green snake
Accolades & Reviews
  1. 2022 Oct
    96 points

    The Wine Independent

    2019 Snake

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