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bottle of jcb 2021 Pinot Noir West Sonoma Coast N° 19

Pinot Noir 2021 N° 19 Brave • Inceptive • Enlightened

Complex and energetic, the first vintage of our No 19 leaps out of the glass eager to demonstrate its velvety texture and coastal influence. The cooler daytime temperature paired with the warmer lows at night have allowed the grapes to ripen at a slower pace and reach peak maturity with lower sugar levels and fresh acidity.

Experience N° 19 with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

On the nose, blueberry and plum arise with a note of black pepper and continue to drape across the palate with additional red fruit for a luxurious and leisurely finish. An absolute stunner and welcomed addition to the JCB Pinot Noir line-up.

bottle of jcb 2021 Pinot Noir West Sonoma Coast N° 19

N° 19

The Story

jean charles boisset observing glasses of red wine

A blend of fate and timing brought our N° 19 into fruition. This West Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir hails from the newly established 19th American Viticultural Area (AVA) in Sonoma County and beautifully demonstrates the riches this appellation can produce.

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