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Blanc de Blancs Caviar Pristine • Desired • Pearlscent

92 points

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In its most PRISTINE form, a pure Burgundian Chardonnay sparkling Blanc de Blancs inspired by the elegant roe DESIRED by the world, caviar, for which this invigorating, vibrant sparkling is the perfect pairing! 

Traditional Crémant de Bourgogne production process, with a minimum aging of 18 months on lees in the bottle. 

Experience Caviar with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

Yellow in color with green and golden reflections, this very bright wine presents an elegant train of bubbles. The nose opens on white blossom then citrus, before developing pleasant buttery and brioche notes. Full and rounded in the mouth, with a certain vivacity, and secondary aromas of great complexity, that evolve over time.

bottle of jcb

Delicate & Intense

The Story

Jean-Charles Boisset posing in front of Dali paintings with a spread of food and wine

Bubbles dance in this bottle with a PEARLESCENT shimmer that is both delicate and intense. The intermingling of the delicious, salty, briny taste of the sea - caviar - beautifully enhanced by the crisp and buttery Blanc de Blancs the ultimate, unmatched flavor burst! The pinnacle of extravagance awaits you... the explosive pairing of this Blanc de Blancs and caviar!

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Accolades & Reviews
  1. Gold medal

    San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo International Wine Competition


  2. 92 points

    Wine & Spirits


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