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bottle of jcb Blanc de Noirs N° 64

Blanc de Noirs N° 64 Fresh • Aromatic • Alive

This is a radiant sparkling wine from Burgundy that reveals itself in is purest form, without added sulphites!

Experience N° 64 with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

Pale yellow in color with gray reflections, this tiny bubbles in this wine create a creamy foam. The nose is slightly closed on buttered and caramel notes that crescendo into red fruits like raspberry. This wine has an assertive character. The ample and powerful mouth reveals a beautiful freshness in the final mouth.

bottle of jcb Blanc de Noirs N° 64

Flavor & Aromatic Nuances

The Story

jean charles boisset holding a glass of white wine

A radiant sparkling Blanc de Noirs from Burgundy that reveals itself in its purest form, with ONLY naturally occurring sulfites nothing added! Indeed, the ancient Egyptians discovered the power of sulfites a way to preserve the literal fruits of their labor. But to resist these additives allows for a FRESH approach to the wine in its more natural state. No 64 represents molecular weight of the sulfite compound and with less of it, flavor and AROMATIC nuances are free to dance on your palate coming ALIVE with every sip!

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