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bottle of jcb Rosé N° 69

Rosé N° 69, 1.5L Flamboyant • Sensual • Vibrant

Gold Medal

The Fifty Best Sparkling Wine

All Accolades

For Jean-Charles Boisset, No 69 Sparkling Rosé is not a dainty pink thing. It's a FLAMBOYANT, profound mouthful of serious bubbles.

Experience N° 69, 1.5L with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

The VIBRANT crispness of No 69 is thirst quenching. Yet the flavors are evocative of Pinot Noir and are beautifully SENSUAL.

bottle of jcb Rosé N° 69

N° 69

The Story

Jean-Charles was born in 1969, the year that mankind went to the moon. As such, 69 represents unlimited expression, freedom, creativity, intellectual revolution, artistry, and refinement. Of course, 69 is also a Rosé Brut based exclusively on Pinot Noir; a Rosé that entwines masculinity and femininity.

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Accolades & Reviews
  1. Gold Medal

    The Fifty Best Sparkling Wine

    N° 69, 1.5L

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