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bottle of jcb Sparkling Wine Infinity

Sparkling Wine Infinity Magnetic • Cosmic • Telluric

The rich texture and elegant fruit of the bouquet render this wine truly MAGNETIC. Jean-Charles’ relentless dedication to biodynamic farming methods and universally harmonious production practices provide a COSMIC balance to this sparkling elixir. This TELLURIC libation will raise your spirits to another atmosphere.

Traditional Method with aging of 24 months.  The grapes for the JCB Infinity, certified by the label AB, are obtained from organically farmed grapes.

Experience Infinity with Jean-Charles Boisset

Tasting Notes

Alluring aromas of white flowers and almonds, a generous mouth feel and beautiful harmony between freshness and fruit make this a delectable, magnetic wine.

bottle of jcb Sparkling Wine Infinity


The Story

a bottle of jcb infinity champagne

Infinity encapsulates the telluric energy that radiates through us and out to the cosmos, balanced by the magnetic pull that keeps nature, us and the universe balanced in infinite harmony.

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