DISCOVER We dreamt of creating the ultimate elixir... Pinot Noir and Chardonnay cultivated in Burgundy, France, fermented into wine and distilled into sophisticated, elegant, and refined spirits. The ultimate expression of what the earth has to offer!

Creation is the essence of life.

- Jean-Charles Boisset

Only the best lots become the ultimate hand-crafted, hand-bottled, small-batch JCB Spirits.
PURCHASE Our Vodka, Caviar Vodka, Truffle Vodka, Gin, 1969 Cognac, and XO Cognac are now available to ship directly to your door! In addition to partner retailers, you can purchase online in only a couple clicks. SHOP NOW
COCKTAILS Periodically we will partner with fascinating people in the wine and food worlds to create well-crafted cocktails featuring JCB Spirits. We’ve compiled them for your pleasure below.

Happy stirring and shaking!