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glass of champagne

JCB XO Cognac Champagne Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Created by Brian an Flandern from


  • 4 oz JCB Champagne, chilled
  • .5 oz JCB Cognac XO, chilled
  • .25 JCB Truffle Vodka, chilled
  • .25 JCB Caviar Vodka, chilled
  • One demitasse spoon of JCB Caviar Gems infused with JCB Cognac
  • Single slice of white truffle


Infuse one far of Caviar Gems in 4 oz of JCB Cognac XO for 2 hours or until plump. Refrigerate and use as needed by straining off the Cognac.

Pour ingredients into a Champagne flute in reverse order listed, finishing by slowly adding the Champagne. Use a bar spoon to gently pull ingredients together. Add Caviar Gems to the flute, which will sink in the glass, then raise as the Champagne bubbles rise. Top with a single slice of white truffle for aromatics.

JCB Truffle infused vodka in it's crystal case

JCB Truffle-Infused Vodka

JCB Truffle-Infused Vodka