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bottle of jcb truffle infused vodka

Clear Spirits JCB Truffle-Infused Vodka

Black Perigord truffles infused in vodka distilled from Burgundian Pinot Noir and Chardonnay creates this ultimate expression of what the earth has to offer. Truffles add to the vodka's aromas, mouthfeel, and texture, creating the perfect umami expression.

bottle of jcb truffle infused vodka

JCB Truffle-Infused Vodka

The Story

Truffle is one of the most ancient expressions of the soil and the true definition of terroir. When you add it to the distillation of Burgundy wine, the combination is an atomic expression of aromas and flavors. They can tantalize all of your senses and awaken in you the adoration of earth, Mother Nature and life at large. How could we be more fortunate than to enjoy black truffle from the Perigord in an inviting liquid form that adds so much to the aromas, mouthfeel and, of course, the texture? It creates the perfect umami expression . . . It is the most rare and highly sought-after mushroom, a gift from Mother Nature that all beings hunt together from wild animals to us humans who bring it to the best tables . . . and now to the glass! It is the most inviting and exhilarating expression from centuries of tradition.

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Ways to Enjoy

We partner with fascinating people in the wine and food worlds to create well-crafted cocktails featuring JCB Spirits for your pleasure.

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The ultimate expression of what Mother Earth has to offer. The subtle nuances of wine and terroir are the hallmarks of JCB Spirits.

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