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Cognac Grande Champagne 1969 in a bulbous bottle

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Two different sized bottles of JCB cognac in their boxes Up close photo of JCB Cognac

Extracting from tradition… Cognac exists for the ultimate moments to reflect. You drink Cognac and feel as if time itself comes to a halt. It brings with it the moment to enjoy, indulge, and celebrate the notion of time, as Cognac is time in a bottle, perennial and unfolding with every sip.



As our portfolio continues to evolve, we are pleased to include the most noble, aristocratic, French heritage-oriented distilled Cognac.  Timeless in its ancestry, our line of JCB Cognacs represent nobility, respect of our French heritage, and the ultimate sensory experience.  Cheers to these enticing spirits and a whole new way to connect with the JCB Collection.

Up close photo of JCB Cognac
Up close photo of JCB Cognac

JCB 1969 Cognac

A transcendent embodiment, born from the iconic 1969 vintage. This special release features a single vintage, single distillation, and single barrel Cognac aged more than 50 years. The historic Burnez family embodies our vision rooted in Burgundian wine: to craft a sensual, majestic, enticing, terroir-focused, stylish, and elegantly soft Cognacterroir-Cognac. Further, we wanted it to be experienced in an artistic glass decanter to keep and cherish forever the memory of the senses.

JCB Eloquence Cognac

Crafted by three generations of master distillers, our vintage cognac blends Grande Champagne Ugni Blanc grapes from the 1950s to the 80s. Aged in Limousin oak barrels, meticulously blended annually, the result is a rich tapestry of hundreds of eau de vie in each bottle. This mature spirit embodies the depth and complexity of prolonged aging, sourced exclusively from the prestigious Grande Champagne region.

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