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Two bottles of JCB fragrances

The Olfactory Expression of Terroir Inspired by the Vines Fragrance

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Group of JCB perfumes Jean-Charles with a sleep mask on shushing a bottle of perfume Bottle of perfume with a red band surrounded by gold

It takes a master vintner to craft a master fragrance. With a deep heritage rooted in terroir, JCB was founded by vintner Jean-Charles Boisset – on a fervent love for delicacies, fineries, and luxuries that inspire desire.

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Jean-Charles Boisset in a black tuxedo posing with a Baccarat crystal

JCB by Jean-Charles Boisset

The Perfume Collection

“Wine is emotion and incorporates all the skills of perfume. I have been discovering the world through smell since birth. The most powerful scent in terms of its imprint on your memory, the nose is the conduit to discover beauty, nuance and delicacy, along with power, emotion, and style – 
and all of nature’s bounty and mystery.”

Jean-Charles Boisset


The JCB Collection of fine fragrances embodies the spirit of the vine, “le parfum de la vigne” – evocative of the life of wine, from the freshness of the vineyard to the mysteries of the cellars. It is there where the wood of the barrels intermingles with the complexity, majesty, and depth of the earth herself. The pinnacle of aromatic exploration, perfume has inspired Jean-Charles throughout life and his signature fragrance collection is the realization of a long-held dream.

Experience the dream. Luxuriate in a JCB perfume that will caress your skin...and ignite your soul.



JCB N° 0

The wholeness of this scent is perfectly embodied by the Nº0. The perfect circle, it is the symbol of the entire winemaking process. From the beginning of a wine—the vine and its rootstock—to its growth, harvesting and finally its evolution in the ultimate stage—aging in gracious, elegant oak barrels. Powerful aromas of fire-toasted black oak are surrounded by rum & spicy notes, finishing with bourbon vanilla. An intoxicating, harmonious and mysterious allure in its highest aromatic expression, reflected through the delicate yet eternal elegance of crystal.

Notes: Cumin, damp soil, ginger, green grapevine, oak barrel, rum, smoked oak, vanilla 

Bottle of perfume with a red band surrounded by gold

JCB N° 13

JCB Nº13 is a divine and delicate perfume with the elegance of a perfect bijoux. The essence of infinity, drawn to a perfect harmonious balance, is sealed within this divine perfume. Graceful aromas of white oak surrounded by soft notes of rosewood, sandalwood and a touch of sweet vanilla, it is the epitome of luxury. Graceful, divine and infinite style in its highest aromatic expression, reflected through the delicate yet eternal elegance of crystal. 

Notes: Rosewood, geranium, oak, sandalwood, benzoin, vanilla 

Two bottles of JCB fragrances


Sweet charm and boundless abundance, Jean-Charles’ daughter, Grace-Antoinette, twin to Honore-Josephine, inspired this perfume… Vibrant and lively, with a chic presentation of red fruits and cardamom on the soaring top notes. 

The Nº8 represents femininity, brightness, passion and growth united with harmony and never-ending abundance, as in this perfume. Like Antoinette, this perfume possesses a sense of grace, style, and fashion. The sweet and savory blend harmoniously: honey warms up tuberose, made salty thanks to a caviar illusion, and the voluptuous base combines hay with caramel. 

Playful, precious and rare, its addictive impression exudes sensuality... it possesses little secrets to discover that will keep you returning time and again! To honor this queen, Antoinette, it is Nº8 for her favorite number.

Notes: Rose, blackcurrant, wine lees, saffron, tobacco, hay, oud, leather 

Group of JCB perfumes


A fresh eau de parfum dreamt from the inspiration of early scent memories, walking in nature near Jean-Charles’ childhood home in Burgundy, France with his grandmother at the age of eleven, her favorite perfume united in his memory with the aromas of the natural world around them. 

Today, with Honoré-Joséphine, a twin with her sister Grace-Antoinette, they walk on the same path, hand-in-hand. Honoring this memory, the eau de parfum bears the freshness of nature, rich and clean, with a complex combination of oranges, from Calabria, Sicily and Spain, united with a touch of French lavender and laurel punctuated by spicy cardamom. A scent whose floral heart of neroli and magnolia blossom ends with sandalwood and oak moss bottom notes underlined by the racy amber facet of the clary sage absolute.

Notes: Blood orange, bergamot, lavender, cardamom, magnolia, muguet, sandalwood, clary sage, musk 

Group of JCB perfumes


100% Amour embodies the addiction of love and the texture of seduction. Like the bolt of lightning—the coupe de foudre—that proclaims love at first sight, it explodes with madness, magic and sensuality. 

Rich, textured and touchable, the perfume presents a spontaneous flash of seduction that lingers and never lets go. At the moment it strikes, a green flash, lit up by citrus and vine leaf, yields to a warm heart: floral, woody and velvety. Amber ends the perfume in a generous and opulent way. 

Eternal allure…100% Amour.

Notes: Bergamot, vine leaf, narcissus, Cashmeran, vanilla, tonka bean

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