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Cufflinks Blue Fun of Hope

Adorn yourself with cufflinks from JCB's private jewelry collection.

Materials: 22K Gold plated Brass and Amethyst, Ruby, and Clear crystals.
Dimensions: 0.87 height x 0.87 width; Fixed bean back mechanism.

Blue Fun of Hope

The Story

two people holding wine glasses

The golden leaf represents the yearly transformation of the vineyard and the energy of photosynthesis. The leaf nurtures, feeds and brings out the best of the earth, creating the forbidden fruit... the grape and its evolution to wine! The so-phisticated stones that adorn the golden leaf - amethyst, diamonds and rubies - are the alchemy of the most precious element... passion!

three people sitting on a white couch a man displaying his cufflink a medusa bust
a man hiding behind a plate

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