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Earrings Natural Beauty

Adorn yourself with JCB's private jewelry collection.

Materials: 22K Gold plated Brass. Round Ruby, Clear, and Amethyist crystals surround a Trillion cut Ruby crystal, hanging from a Ruby stud.
Dimensions: 1.5 height x 0.86 width.

Natural Beauty

The Story

two people holding wine glasses

The Rose is the symbol of love, beauty and compassion. They always adorn our vineyards and represent reason and virtue. The ruby at its center explains the planet sun. It is my favorite stone as it stimulates energy, encourages vitality, and heightens sensuality. The Rose and the ruby stone have a vibration that radi-ates intensity and projects energy and enthusiasm for life. The Natural Beauty symbolizes divine love.

a man hiding behind a plate a man displaying his cufflink a medusa bust
Close up of women drinking out of JCB wine glasses
a man standing in a field
a man hiding behind a plate
collection of wine bottles and perfume

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