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Passion Collection Wine Glasses (2)

The glass, the one, the only, the ultimate. Dreamed and designed by Jean-Charles Boisset, created by Baccarat.

The perfect wine glass for white, red and rosé that follows the golden rule of proportion at 9.25" high and 3.43" wide. A glass of elegance, sophistication, eloquence, power, weight, energy and ultimately something vibrational in your glass. The wide bowl allows the wine to move horizontally when swirled with the aromatic expression moving up and tantalizing the nose. The curved lip guides the wine directly into the middle of the tongue where it sits and invades the palate with elegance, finesse and power brining you the definitive tasting experience.

bottles of champagne and glasses on a table
group of people doing a cheers
bottle of champagne in ice
Jean-Charles Boisset design Baccarat glassware