JCB Passion Collection Designed by JCB | Created by Baccarat Inspired by wine, and in love with luxury, bold visionary and daring vintner Jean-Charles Boisset declares his admiration for Baccarat with the Passion Collection.

Wine glass, Champagne glass, wine decanter, and Champagne decanter are available from this collection.
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The Alchemy of the Senses It has long been Jean-Charles' dream to curate and create a "wine" book that speaks not only of tannins and barrels, but also emotions and fantasies, hope and imagination. Jean-Charles created the Alchemy of the Senses book as an experiential voyage through your dreams, your emotions, your senses, and your passions-all inspired by wine! View Books
Natural Beauty Collection Necklace/Brooch, Earrings, Bracelet, and Cufflinks The Rose is the symbol of love, beauty, and compassion. They always adorn our vineyards and represent reason and virtue. The ruby at its center explains the planet's sun. It is my favorite stone as it stimulates energy, encourages vitality, and heightens sensuality. The Rose and the ruby stone have a vibration that radiates intensity and projects energy and enthusiasm for life. The Natural Beauty symbolizes divine love. View JCB Jewelry
Gina's Kiss Collection Necklace/Brooch, Choker, Earrings, Bracelet, and Cufflinks I wanted to have my wife Gina always with me, so I captured her lips: voluptuous yet refined; elegant and giving. I wanted the richness and sophistication of rubies all around her lips, and inside diamonds, as she represents my muse and ultimate diamond. View JCB Jewelry
Confession Collection Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet, Tie Tac, and Cufflinks Free yourself from the bonds of your deepest secrets and mysteries...release your shadow & indulge the temptations of your mind and senses. Confession is the only key that can provide the ultimate escape! View JCB Jewelry
The Napoleon Bee Collection Necklace/Brooch, Earrings, Bracelet, and Cufflinks The Bee is the ultimate goddess, symbolizing the sun, celebration, and community. She embodies personal strength, wisdom, productivity, and altruism. Her role in our ecosystem makes her one of the most important creatures on planet Earth. The bee taught me the true meaning and importance of respecting nature and guide me through the understanding of Biodynamic farming. Merci mon mon Coeur! View JCB Jewelry
Blue Fun of Hope Collection Necklace/Brooch, Earrings, Bracelet, and Cufflinks The golden leaf represents the yearly transformation of the vineyard and the energy of photosynthesis. The leaf nurtures, feeds and brings out the best of the earth, creating the forbidden fruit... the grape and its evolution to wine! The sophisticated stones that adorn the golden leaf - sapphires, diamonds and rubies - are the alchemy of the most precious element... passion! View JCB Jewelry
The Grape, The Star Collection Necklace/Brooch, Earrings, and Bracelet The shining star illuminates our world and mind, thanks to its myriad of diamonds that boundlessly reflect into and across every point of our eyes. It creates a sense of controlled freedom to our grapes, which are connected by the golden chains that make the berries elegant and refined, with a certain constrained provocateur allure. The bondage between all the elements: the shining star, the grapes, and the chain, allows for a world that creates dreams. View JCB Jewelry
Crocodile Collection Necklace, Choker, and Bracelet To avenge the death of Buena Vistas Count Agoston Harazthy at the jaws of a crocodile, I have created this gilded-gold crocodile. Like The Count, this piece is brilliant and flamboyant! When wearing this crocodile, with ruby-red eyes and an emerald green collar, you honor the passion of The Count. Revenge is his! View JCB Jewelry
Le Charmeur Collection Necklace, Choker, Earrings, Bracelet, and Tie Tac The snake has the ability to charm its prey and whoever is around them. Masters in the art of seduction, there is a mysterious quality that attracts anyone who gazes into their magnetic red eyes. The snake is one of the oldest symbols in history and is respected by people for its poison that represents life and death in many cultures especially Egypt, where mummified cobras have been found in ancient tombs. View JCB Jewelry
Leopard Necklace/Brooch in Gold or Silver An inspiration from the wild, the Leopard is exotic and untamable, a rare beauty and graceful hunter. Let this symbol of stealth and strength empower you! View JCB Jewelry