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Wednesday, August 24

Napa Valley Register Features Editor Sasha Paulsen talks to us about her latest novel “Where Time Begins”. It’s a mystery you’ll want to sink your teeth into and a conversation made of dreams!

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Wednesday, August 31

Anna Brittain of Napa Green continues the conversation about Napa Green’s Six Pillars. Today we’ll chat about water, water efficiency and more!

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Wednesday, September 7

Join us for an inspiring conversation as we catch up with the first recipient of the Master of Wine title in India and our dear friend, Sonal Holland!

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Wednesday, September 14

Connecting hearts and minds with a toast to one year of Jane Seymour’s Joy + Serenity and honoring the Open Hearts Foundation.

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Wednesday, September 21

Ice cold with Inniskillin co-founder and expert Icewine maker, Donald Ziraldo. We talk with Donald about innovating after Inniskillin.

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Wednesday, September 28

Jazzed up at JCB Yountville with a local chanteuse, Yvonne Flores. This Jazz singer and composer will leave you breathless.

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