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Experience the World of Wine with Jean-Charles Boisset

Inspired by Wine, the catalyst for all great conversation, together we explore art, design, fashion, architecture, history, nature, food, great chefs and the finest things in life, which are the essence of luxury and the fuel for our passion!

New Episodes Air Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:00 pm and Every Saturday at 4:00 pm.

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Friday, May 1 @ 6 pm (PST)

The Wine World Is a Stage Featuring Frank D’Ambrosio
Raymond “Le Cabaret” Sparkling Brut and Raymond “Le Cabaret” Cabernet Sauvignon

Explore the theatrical side of wine with Jean-Charles’ flamboyant sense of style and sly sense of humor.

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Saturday, May 2 @ 4 pm (PST)

Wine & Chocolate Featuring Chris Kollar
Buena Vista “The Countess” Red Blend, Legend Vineyard Exclusive “LVE” Cabernet Sauvignon and JCB “French Kiss” Sparkling Gamay

Discover the surprising results of partnering red wines with chocolate and how to choose combinations that are flattering to your wine.

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Monday, May 4 @ 6 pm (PST)

A Toast to Our Ambassadors
Haute Couture “Limited Edition” French Bubbles, JCB No 24 Sparkling Brut and JCB GALA Vintage Champagne

Join us to raise a glass of bubbles as we celebrate the 8th anniversary of Boisset’s ground-breaking Ambassador program.

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Wednesday, May 6 @ 6 pm (PST)

Napa Valley Heritage Featuring Cyril Chappellet
Raymond “Generations” Chardonnay, 1881 Napa Merlot, and Raymond Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon

Come along for the ride as we pay tribute to the pioneers and personalities who have made this region’s wines famous, featuring our dear friend, and legendary vintner, Cyril Chappellet!

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Friday, May 8 @ 6 pm (PST)

Celebrating Victory Day Featuring Mary Dewane and Joe Anderson
Buena Vista “La Victoire” Champagne and Victory Day 1945 Red Blend

We look back at 75 years of Franco-American cooperation with a wine dedicated to remembering the end of World War II. Featuring our friends from Benovia Winery, Mary Dewane and Joe Anderson.

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Saturday, May 9 @ 4 pm (PST)

Mothers Day “Bijoux” Featuring Gina Gallo
JCB No 13 Crémant de Bourgogne Rosé and JCB No 3 Pinot Noir

Our most special Happy Hour yet… Jean-Charles is joined by his beloved wife and outstanding winemaker, Gina Gallo, or “Bijoux” as JC calls her, to celebrate the love of mother’s around the world!

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Monday, May 11 @ 6 pm (PST)

New Releases from Wattle Creek
Wattle Creek Viognier and Wattle Creek Rockpile Zinfandel

At long last, we are celebrating the return of our beloved Viognier and thrilled to launch a Zinfandel from Sonoma’s newest Rockpile appellation.

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Wednesday, May 13 @ 6 pm (PST)

Bubbles & Blind Tasting Featuring Steven Spurrier
JCB No 0 Sparkling Brut and JCB No 76 Chardonnay

We talk about the look to the challenges of making French-style wines in new regions and of recognizing wines by their sensory traits alone

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Friday, May 15 @ 6 pm (PST)

Wine: A Sight to Behold Featuring Jim Shreve of Baccarat
JCB “Passion” Sparkling Brut, JCB No 81 Chardonnay and JCB “Passion” Red Blend

Discover the incredible power of the visual dimension of wine and how fine crystal can enhance your wine experience.

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Saturday, May 16 @ 4 pm (PST)

Wine Confessions Featuring Chef Kyle Connaughton
DeLoach “Estate” Chardonnay, Secret Indulgence “Secret Blend” and Secret Indulgence “Confession” Red Blend

We all have secrets. Join us as we explore wine’s uncommon ability to unlock what each of us holds within.

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Monday, May 18 @ 6 pm (PST)

Vision of a New World Featuring The Count of Buena Vista
Buena Vista “Jovita’s” Chardonnay, Buena Vista “Bela’s” Pinot Noir and Buena Vista “The Sheriff” Red Blend

Transport yourself to the 1850s to learn about the people who against all odds made Buena Vista and California’s wine country what it is today.

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Wednesday, May 20 @ 6 pm (PST)

Thirsty for Art Featuring Genevieve Janssens
1881 Napa Chardonnay and 1881 Napa Cabernet Sauvignon

We toast the art and passion of winemaking with a Napa Valley icon.

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Friday, May 22 @ 6 pm (PST)

Wine and the Entrepreneurial Spirit Featuring Robert Kiyosaki
Bouchard Aîné & Fils Pommard, Legend Vineyard Exclusive “LVE Red Blend and JCB No 1 Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine is full of passion, romance and artistry, but it is also a fascinating dimension of the business world.

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Saturday, May 23 @ 4 pm (PST)

Wine “al Fresco” and Outdoor Grilling Featuring Liam Mayclem
GALA Champagne, Restrained Red Wine and Emancipation Red Wine

Wine may be perceived as a purely indoor pursuit, but thrives outdoors where it benefits from proximity to the wild side of Mother Nature.

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Monday, May 25 @ 6 pm (PST)

The Living Theater of Nature
DeLoach “Estate” Chardonnay, DeLoach “Estate” Pinot Noir and Raymond “1 1/2 Acre” Red Blend

An inside look at what distinguishes BioDynamic viticulture through the five “actors” – the soil, the plants, the animals, the vineyardist and the cosmos.

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Wednesday, May 27 @ 6 pm (PST)

Sonoma Superstars Featuring David Ramey
DeLoach “Le Royal” Blanc de Noir and DeLoach Green Valley Pinot Noir

Join us for a deep dive into what makes the Russian River Valley and Green Valley unique within the larger Sonoma County landscape.

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Friday, May 29 @ 6 pm (PST)

Stories of Champagne Featuring Jean Rémy Rapeneau
GALA Gold Champagne

Jean-Charles sits down with his fellow Frenchman to share his family’s historied champagne house.

Saturday, May 30 @ 4 pm (PST)

An Ode to Truffles Featuring Ken Frank and Robert Chang
Raymond “Signature” Chardonnay, DeLoach “Pennachio” Pinot Noir and JCB “Salon Privé” Red Blend

How do we love truffles? Let us count the ways as we taste wines that partner beautifully with these tiny fragrant treasures of the natural world.

Monday, June 1 @ 5 pm (PST)

Two Frenchmen Find Themselves in Napa Valley Featuring Phillipe Melka
Raymond Vineayrds Calistoga District Collection Cabernet Sauvignon and Raymond Vineyards Generations  Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaking rockstar, Philippe Melka, talks terroir and the epic brands he has helped build.

Wednesday, June 3 @ 5 pm (PST)

Awaken Your Chakra Featuring Kapil Sekhri
JCB No 49 Chardonnay, Leopard, J’Noon White and J’Noon Red

Fratelli Vineyard’s Kapil Sekhri relives the journey of collaborating with JCB on our first Indian wine!

Friday, June 5 @ 5 pm (PST)

The Parfumier’s Art
JCB No 8 Cremant de Bourgogne , JCB No 76 Chardonnay and JCB No 22 Pinot Noir

Jean-Charles explores the world of perfume as an exciting challenge that extends naturally from his origins in the vineyards and how it gives deeper understanding of the wine bouquet.

Saturday, June 6 @ 4 pm (PST)

The French Connection Featuring Chris Kollar
DeLoach Vineyards Hawk Hill Chardonnay and DeLoach Vineyards Anderson Valley Pinot Noir

We dive once more into the world of partnering red wines with chocolate and how to choose combinations that are flattering to your wine.

Monday, June 8 @ 5 pm (PST)

Spectrum of Style Featuring Marnie Old
Secret Indulgence Emancipation

Our beloved Director of Vinlightenment walks us through the Spectrum of Wine Style.

Wednesday, June 10 @ 5 pm (PST)

Napa Luxe Featuring Maya Dalla Valle
Raymond Vineyards Red Room Privé and Raymond Vineyards 1 1/2 Acre

Friday, June 12 @ 5 pm (PST)

Life is a Tapestry
Bouchard Pouilly Fuisse and Bouchard Fixin Maziere

Saturday, June 13 @ 4 pm (PST)

Stop and Smell the Rosés
Bouillot Aurore Brut Rosé and JCB No 5 Rosé

Monday, June 15 @ 5 pm (PST)

Alexander Valley Spotlight
Wattle Creek Viognier and Wattle Creek Cabernet Shiraz

Wednesday, June 17 @ 5 pm (PST)

Cool Climate Masterpieces Featuring Dan Goldfield
DeLoach Vineyards Stubbs Vineyard Chardonnay and DeLoach Vineyards Marin Pinot Noir

Friday, June 19 @ 5 pm (PST)

JCB Collector Preview – The Surreal Life
Surrealist Sparkling and Surrealist 2015 Red

Saturday, June 20 @ 4 pm (PST)

A BIG Toast to Dads
LARGE FORMATS – JCB No 21 magnum, Buena Vista Sheriff magnum and Raymond Vineyards Generations Cabernet Sauvignon magnum

Monday, June 22 @ 5 pm (PST)

Parlez vous Frenchie?
Frenchie Winery Betsy Ross and Frenchie Winery Napoleon Cabernet Sauvignon

Wednesday, June 24 @ 5 pm (PST)

Burgundian Beauties
Jean-Claude Boisset St Aubin 1er Cru “Sur Gamay” and Jean-Claude Boisset Beaune Greves

Friday, June 26 @ 5 pm (PST)

Coming to America
Buena Vista Dry Furmint and Buena Vista Revenge

Saturday, June 27 @ 4 pm (PST)

Rhone on the Range
Bouachon – Condrieu, Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Monday, June 29 @ 5 pm (PST)

Pucker Up!
JCB French Kiss Red, JCB French Kiss Rosé and Gina’s Kiss jewelry