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Wednesday, October 12

Partners in life and business, Sandra and John Petrella discuss love and passion for filmmaking

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Wednesday, October 19

Everyone has a kitchen memory! The kitchen sparks curiosity, encourages gathering, and arouses emotions. Kathleen Thompson Hill‘s Kitchen Memories Collection perfectly intertwines themes of nostalgia, innovation, and culture seamlessly.

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Wednesday, November 9

The Importance of Sustainability in the Wine Industry with George Soleas, CEO LCBO

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Wednesday, November 16

Taking It to the Summit with Lisa Perotti-Brown, The Wine Independent.

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Wednesday, November 30

Brenda and Marc Lhomer talk to us about their latest film, Dear Zoe.

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Wednesday, December 7

Making Sense of Scents with Sebastian Jara, The Scent Guy.

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Wednesday, December 14

Ray Fister brings his unique flavor to the world of wine with Life Between The Vines, an exciting blog and podcast. Ray is a true multi-talent: He provides an engaging insight into all things vino and runs 5th Floor Recording as its engineer!

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