JCB Virtual Wine Tastings

Relax and enjoy JCB wines from anywhere in the world. Your wine guide will explain all aspects of the wines you’ve hand-picked—describing the vineyards that grew the grapes, the techniques used to make the wines, and tasting descriptive terms. Virtual tastings are approximately 45 minutes and weekends are subject to your host’s availability. Please learn more about JCB Virtual Tasting hostesses below.

Please contact us to schedule your virtual tasting and select your JCB wines.

Helpful Tips for Your Tasting: Chill your whites and sparking at least two hours before your virtual tasting. Overnight is also recommended. Have your wines opened with your glasses at least 15 minutes before your tasting. If you have a decanter, we suggest pouring red wines in the decanter 30 minutes before your flight time.

Pamela Reeves

Pamela Reeves has worked in the Napa Valley wine world for more than 20 years and is an avid collector of many beautiful varietals. Sharing the history of Napa and Sonoma, discussing district influences, and enhancing your experience with a bit of education makes her a sought-after virtual host. Bringing the terroir to your home is the goal.