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Eu de Parfum 100% Amour

100% Amour embodies the addiction of love and the texture of seduction. Like the bolt of lightning - the coupe de foudre - that proclaimslove at first sight, it explodes with madness, magic and sensuality. Rich, textured and touchable, the perfume presents a spontaneous flash of seduction that lingers and never lets go. At the moment it strikes, a green flash, lit up by citrus and vine leaf, yields to a warm heart: floral, woody and velvety. Amber ends the perfume in a generous and opulent way. Eternal allure... 100% Amour.

100% Amour

The Story

jean charles boisset in front of a mirror

"The pinnacle of aromatic exploration, perfume has inspired me throughout life. The nose is the conduit to discover beauty, nuance and delicacy, along with power, emotion and style.

I see the creation of perfume as an exciting challenge that extends naturally from our origins in the vineyards.

And while it is wine that refined our aromatic palette, perfume opens the world of smell to a spectrum of expression. We return to the bouquet of wine with an even deeper understanding of its expression."

- Jean-Charles Boisset

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