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Eu de Parfum N° 0

This fragrance - perfect for evening use - evokes the depth of our Burgundy cellars, where the wood of the barrels intermingles with the complexity and depth of the earth. Powerful aromas of fire-toasted black oak are surrounded by rum and spicy notes, finishing with bourbon vanilla in an intoxicating and mysterious allure.

N° 0

The Story

jean charles boisset in front of a mirror

"The pinnacle of aromatic exploration, perfume has inspired me throughout life. The nose is the conduit to discover beauty, nuance and delicacy, along with power, emotion and style.

I see the creation of perfume as an exciting challenge that extends naturally from our origins in the vineyards.

And while it is wine that refined our aromatic palette, perfume opens the world of smell to a spectrum of expression. We return to the bouquet of wine with an even deeper understanding of its expression."

- Jean-Charles Boisset

Jean-Charles with a sleep mask on shushing a bottle of perfume bust of medusa
Two bottles of JCB fragrances
Bottle of perfume with a red band surrounded by gold
collection of wine bottles and perfume
Group of JCB perfumes