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Cufflinks Frenchie

Adorn yourself with cufflinks from JCB's private jewelry collection.

Materials: 22K Gold plated Brass with Topaz crystals.
Dimensions: 0.78 height x 0.66 width x 1.07 depth; Fixed bean back mechanism


The Story

three people sitting on a white couch

Proprietor Jean-Charles Boissets French Bulldog, Frenchie, represents the very essence of style, charisma and personality. With his stout stature and ability to steal everyones heart, his majestic dignity and kingly authority are irresistible, as much of his adoring public already knows.

a man displaying his cufflink a medusa bust two people holding wine glasses
collection of wine bottles and perfume
Close up of women drinking out of JCB wine glasses
JCB posing with a custom plate with lips on it

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