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bottle of jcb caviar infused vodka

Clear Spirits JCB Caviar-Infused Vodka

Using the base of our luxurious Pure Vodka, we crafted a unique and proprietary process to allow the most elegant and ethereal expression of Sturgeon caviar from Southwest France to be present and influence the taste without overpowering it. You will find the most delicate gift of the ocean as a very luxurious, refined and eloquent taste in our elixir! It is the most challenging and difficult to achieve, taking over 12 years of research to attain this level of perfection!

bottle of jcb caviar infused vodka

JCB Caviar-Infused Vodka

The Story

We brought together our vodka with sturgeon caviar from Southwest France. It provides the most opulent and decadent mouthfeel . . . an explosion on your palate and a delicate, pure taste of the caviar itself. This is perfection - the apotheosis moment!

Tech Sheet

vodka being poured into a glass

Ways to Enjoy

We partner with fascinating people in the wine and food worlds to create well-crafted cocktails featuring JCB Spirits for your pleasure.

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The ultimate expression of what Mother Earth has to offer. The subtle nuances of wine and terroir are the hallmarks of JCB Spirits.

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