JCB Cocktails

Periodically we will partner with fascinating people in the wine and food worlds to create well-crafted cocktails featuring JCB Spirits. We’ve compiled them for your pleasure below.

Happy stirring and shaking!

The Story Behind Our Cocktails

JCB Caviar Gems Pairings – June 30, 2021

JCB Cocktail

JCB Caviar GEMS are the modern caviar: created by connoisseurs and industry experts with over two decades of experience for a passionate community of home cooks and mixologists to grind, sprinkle, or dust as they please, elegantly transforming and enhancing the everyday.

One of the finest ways of incorporating this shelf-stable delicacy is by adding it to your favorite savory JCB Spirits cocktail! On Wednesday, June 30’s JCB LIVE, Jean-Charles chatted (and mixed) with caviar legend Polina Steier and master mixologist Brian Van Flandern. They concocted some delicious cocktails using JCB Collection wine and spirits with a dash of Caviar Gems. Check out a couple of the recipes they created below, then purchase a jar of Caviar Gems to try for yourself!

Sommelier Blending Event – February, 2020

JCB Cocktail

In February 2020, Winemaker Stephanie Putnam and Proprietor Jean-Charles Boisset hosted the 10th annual blending series at Raymond Vineyards. In celebration of a decade, we invited back nine influential sommeliers from the previous nine blending events to craft this unique 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon.

These sommeliers are not only talented blenders but they also can craft a mean cocktail. To kick off the event, we asked each person to create a cocktail using one of the JCB Spirits and to put their own spin on a favorite drink. What they came up with was more delicious and inspiring then we could have imagined. Enjoy making and tasting these one-of-a-kind drinks.

Reinventing the Classics

JCB Cocktail

Hoteliers, wine industry professionals, and our very own team reinvent the classics and give them a JCB twist!

The Seasons and Holidays

JCB Cocktail

In our JCB LIVE and Wine Styles, Donnell Shuster creates seasonal- and holiday-inspired cocktails with Jean Charles and Chef Rafael Molina.